1. How is Mobile Vet Squad different from a local stationary animal hospital?
Carriers. Cars. Strange smells. Waiting. Barking dogs and loud noises. From your pet’s point of view, a trip to the vet can be very stressful! Not to mention you having to take time out of your day to try to get to the vet. By bringing our hospital to your house, we remove the stress from the whole experience for you and your pet. All exams and treatments are performed aboard our state-of-the-art mobile veterinary hospital, allowing us to provide high quality, very personalized care for you and your pet. No waiting. No stress. What could be better?

2. What services do you provide?
We provide most of the services you would receive in a stationary hospital. Our truck is fully equipped with a digital x-ray machine, on-board blood analyzers, a surgical suite, and a treatment area. From check-ups to surgery and more. Please click on the “Services” tab for a more complete listing of our services.

3. What shots does my pet need?
Recent advances in vaccine protocols enable us to tailor a vaccine schedule to each individual pet, depending on his/her lifestyle. No longer does every pet need every shot every year. We will discuss your pet’s lifestyle during the exam, and together will decide on the best course for your pet.

4. Do you do grooming?
We do not provide grooming services, but we can recommend some excellent groomers in your area – both mobile and stationary!

5. My town is not listed on the the Services page. Will you come to my town?
Our truck is 26-feet long, 10-feet wide, and 10-feet high. As a commercial vehicle, we are limited in the roads we can travel on. Due to travel times, and accessibility, we currently only serve the Westchester County towns listed, and Greenwich CT.

6. What do I do if my pet has an EMERGENCY?
If an emergency arises, either during the day or after hours, we recommend that you take your pet immediately to the nearest stationary hospital or emergency clinic. In these instances, time is often of the essence, and we may not be able to get to you quickly enough. For urgent care, we will make every effort to be able to get to you as soon as we can during the day, but in some cases may recommend a stationary facility for faster service. Please CLICK HERE for a list of nearby emergency facilities we recommend.

7. What are your fees?
Our initial housecall fee ranges from $180 to $200 depending on your location, which includes the physical examination and consultation time for the first pet, the travel time for the doctor and technician to come to your home, use of the vehicle and equipment, fuel and tolls. Additional pets in the same family seen at the same initial visit are $115 for the physical examination and consultation. Fees for any tests, procedures, medications, or treatments that may be required are in addition. An estimate can be provided upon request.

8. How do I make an appointment?
To schedule an appointment, please give us a call at 914-575-1943. Our visits for new patients are available by individual appointment at your home, Monday through Friday 9am-6pm.

9. What happens after surgery?
For most procedures, we stay with your pet until he or she is fully awake and safe to be discharged to your care. We spend as much time as necessary, and make sure that you are comfortable with the post-operative instructions. If your pet needs more extensive post-operative care, or you are not comfortable caring for your pet immediately post-op, we will transport your pet to our “ICU”, where he or she will be under the doctor’s direct supervision until he or she is able to return home.

10. What if my pet needs to be hospitalized?
In some cases where extensive care may be required, we may recommend transferring your pet to a specialty referral center, or to one of the local “stationary” practices that we work with.